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NDIS Travel and Transport Assistance

Seamless Travel and Transport Assistance
with Amica Community Services

At Amica Community Services, our Travel and Transport Assistance service goes beyond the ordinary to provide a comprehensive and highly flexible solution to individuals with diverse needs. We understand that accessibility is key, and our commitment is to make every journey a positive experience.

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped to handle various mobility requirements, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their unique challenges, can travel with ease. Whether you require wheelchair-accessible vehicles, specialized seating arrangements, or additional support during transit, we’ve got you covered. Our professional and compassionate staff is trained to address specific needs, offering a helping hand from your doorstep to your destination.

Safety is our top priority. Our vehicles undergo regular maintenance, and our drivers are trained in passenger assistance and safety protocols. You can trust Amica Community Services to prioritize your well-being throughout the entire journey.

We offer a range of transport options, from individual trips to group outings, and our services extend beyond medical appointments to social events and daily activities. With Amica, you’re not just getting from point A to point B; you’re gaining a reliable and understanding companion for your travel needs.

Why Choose Amica?

We prioritize your comfort, independence, and unique requirements, providing not just transportation but a compassionate companion for your journey.

Does NDIS Fund Transport?

We understand the financial aspect is crucial. Get in touch with us to explore how NDIS may cover your transportation needs, ensuring accessibility and peace of mind.
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