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Home Modifications

Transforming Homes for Comfort and Accessibility: Amica's Home Modification Services

At Amica Community Services, we understand that a home should be a haven of comfort, safety, and accessibility for individuals of all abilities. Our Home Modification Services are tailored to enhance the living spaces of our clients, ensuring that their homes are not only functional but also uniquely suited to their specific needs. With a team of skilled tradespeople operating under the supervision of our registered builder, Amica is dedicated to creating homes that provide a sense of empowerment and independence.

Personalized Home Modifications:
Our Home modification services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals with varying abilities. Whether it's adapting living spaces to accommodate mobility aids, installing handrails for added support, or creating accessible bathroom facilities, our modifications are personalized to enhance both safety and convenience. We work closely with clients to identify specific requirements, ensuring that each modification aligns with their unique preferences and lifestyle.
Expert Supervision by Registered Builder:
Amica takes pride in maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship and safety. All our home modifications are carried out under the supervision of a registered builder, overseeing the entire process to guarantee structural integrity and compliance with relevant building codes. This commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive modifications that not only meet their immediate needs but also stand the test of time.
Tailored Solutions for Accessibility:
Our Team of Skilled Tradespeople possesses the expertise to implement a wide range of home modifications aimed at enhancing accessibility. This includes but is not limited to the installation of ramps, widening doorways, adjusting countertop heights, and creating step-free entrances. These modifications go beyond mere adaptations; they are transformative changes that empower individuals to navigate and enjoy their living spaces with ease.
Creating Inclusive Bathrooms:
The bathroom is a vital area where accessibility is of paramount importance. Amica specializes in creating inclusive bathrooms that prioritize safety and convenience. Our modifications may include installing grab bars, walk-in showers, raised toilet seats, and non-slip flooring, ensuring that individuals can maintain their independence while performing daily activities.
Kitchen Modifications for Functionality:
In the heart of every home, the kitchen, Amica's modifications focus on improving functionality and accessibility. From adjusting counter heights to installing pull-out shelves and accessible storage solutions, our aim is to create kitchens that cater to the specific needs of individuals, promoting a sense of autonomy in meal preparation and daily routines.

Why Choose Amica for Home Modifications?

  • Skilled Tradespeople
    Our Team comprises skilled tradespeople with extensive experience in home modifications. They bring expertise and precision to every project, ensuring that modifications are carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Supervised by a Registered Builder
    The supervision of a Registered Builder is a testament to our commitment to quality and safety. Clients can trust that their home modifications are overseen by a professional who ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Personalized Approach
    Amica takes a personalized approach to home modifications, recognizing that each client's needs are unique. We engage in thorough consultations to understand specific requirements, preferences, and lifestyle, tailoring modifications accordingly.
  • Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions
    Our Home Modifications extend beyond basic adaptations. We provide comprehensive accessibility solutions that address mobility challenges, promoting a living environment that fosters independence and well-being.
  • Transformative Changes
    Amica's modifications are not just functional; they are transformative changes that aim to enhance the overall quality of life for our clients. We strive to create living spaces that empower individuals and contribute to their sense of dignity and autonomy.

Amica Community Services is dedicated to transforming homes into spaces of comfort, safety, and accessibility through expert home modification services. With skilled tradespeople, supervised by a registered builder, we take pride in offering personalized and comprehensive solutions that empower individuals to live their lives to the fullest within the comfort of their homes.

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