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NDIS Personal Care

Enhancing Your Well-being Through Personalized Care Services with Amica Community Services

Catering to Unique Needs
Personal care is an inherently personal and subjective aspect of our lives, shaped by individual habits and needs. At Amica Community Services, we understand that as we age or face illness, injury, or disability, the right to feel fresh and clean becomes more than a privilege; it is a fundamental right that significantly influences our overall health and well-being. Our personal care services are designed to cater to these unique needs and empower individuals to live their best lives.

Respectful and Gentle Services
Our team at Amica Community Services recognizes the deeply individual nature of personal care. Our services are not just about meeting the basics; they are about providing respectful, gentle, and individualized care that preserves your dignity. We prioritize privacy and comfort, ensuring that our services can be part of a broader care package or stand-alone offerings tailored to your specific needs.
Comprehensive Range of Home Care Services
Amica Community Services takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of professional home care services, all personalized to meet your unique needs. Our services encompass life skills, community participation, behaviour support, domestic assistance, personal care, complex care, disability care, dementia care, palliative care, respite care, 24 x 7 care, and more. As an Approved NDIS and Aged Care Provider, we are committed to providing holistic and flexible support.
Tailoring Care Plans to Your Needs
Our Personal Care Attendants at Amica Community Services engage with you and your important individuals to understand your exact needs. We go beyond providing the basics; we empower you with information to make informed choices about your home care options. Working closely with our personal care assistants, we ensure the creation of a home care package that aligns with your needs, goals, and budget.
Thorough Care Tailored to You
Our Care process is thorough, ensuring your satisfaction and needs are met at the desired level. A Registered Nurse Clinical Coordinator conducts a detailed assessment of your medical needs, living situation, and individual preferences. The resulting service plan is crafted and adapted to suit your unique needs, with the flexibility to accommodate your budget.
Matching You with the Right Personal Care Assistant
At Amica Community Services, we understand that the right match is crucial for personal care. You are paired with a personal care assistant or nurse who understands your unique needs, both personally and medically. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the necessary assistance and support, with a focus on achieving your well-being and goals.
Continuous Oversight by a Registered Nurse Case Worker
Your Care Support at Amica Community Services is continuously overseen by a Registered Nurse Case Worker, emphasizing health and satisfaction. The Registered Nurse Caseworker, who will be your original Clinical Coordinator, establishes a personal connection with you, ensuring continuity and personalized care.
Flexible Duration of Service
Amica Community Services offers flexibility in the duration of services. Whether you require live-in care, casual or infrequent care, daily or weekly care, or overnight care, we adapt our services to meet your specific needs. The absence of a contract provides peace of mind, and we actively seek feedback to ensure the highest standard of care.

Services We Provide: Personal care services at Amica Community Services are comprehensive and tailored to individual needs. These services include:

  • Showering
    Ensuring safe and private shower experiences.
  • Toileting
    Maintaining personal hygiene with dignity and respect.
  • Personal Grooming
    Supporting Personal grooming needs with care and attention.
  • Mobility
    Assisting with mobility and hoist transfers to enhance manoeuvrability.
  • Dressing and Undressing
    Providing Assistance based on your unique and personal requirements.

In-Home Assisted Living Services: Our commitment at Amica Community Services is to help you focus on activities you enjoy while taking care of assisted living needs. We offer:

  • General Housekeeping
    Maintaining order and balance in your household.
  • Domestic Services
    Assisting with various domestic tasks for a comfortable living environment.
  • Meal Preparation
    Offering diverse, nutritious, and tasty meals for your well-being.
  • Transportation
    Providing stress-free transport for appointments and outings.

Why choose Amica Community Services?

Our Services are comprehensively insured, and our team meets rigorous national training standards. Our Carers, Nurses, and AINs undergo thorough screening processes and Police checks. Ongoing supervision by an experienced coordinator and regular feedback ensure the highest standard of care.

Since 2021, Amica Community Services has been providing Personal Care Services, understanding the crucial nature of your needs. The fundamental right to quality personal care is at the core of our services, and our dedicated personal care assistants ensure that your individual requirements are met with care and attention to detail. When selecting home care providers, consider Amica Community Services for a personalized and holistic approach that prioritizes your well-being. Live your best life with our personal care services, designed to cater to your unique needs.

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